Notices about versions

Any feature listed below, may exist in any version before in some way, but may change completely until its release.

Versioning is Semver compliant, a minor patch never breaks anything from before.

Version 1.0.0 will be completely backward compatible to any released 0.x.x Version, but is considered stable. While any 0.x.x is still defined as beta.


  • Implemented Foreing Key logic
  • Cleaned up source
  • Fully covered with tests


  • Implemented Trigger logic
  • Implemented View logic
  • Covered Trigger logic with tests


  • Implemented function and procedure logic
  • Covered function and procedure logic with tests


  • Implemented Laravel Migration generator
  • Covered Laravel Migration generator with tests


  • Implemented more specific logic for keys and tables (BTREE/RBTREE/HASH, FIXED/PAGE/DYNAMIC, ...)
  • Covered new specific logic with tests


  • Feature complete as of following definition
  • Completely covered with tests
  • Completely documented